> On Mon, 2008-02-11 at 09:33 +1100, Robert Collins wrote:
>> One of the things I'd most love to see is the modularisation completed
>> - complete deletion of protos.h, structs.h, typedefs.h.
> Yes, of course. That would be the focus of the cleanup that Amos is
> volunteering to do :-)

Hows this for an action plan Robert?

* Obsolete typedefs.h (underway)
        - remove all unneeded typedefs
        - move all needed typedefs to their appropriate headers
        - fix compile errors

* Add automatic testing for header dependency
        - script to perform universal include unit-test for .h files
        - link to automatic unit-testing in each directory
        - fix the compile errors!

* Obsolete protos.h
        - move all protos to their appropriate header files
        - add includes for headers where needed.

* Obsolete structs.h
        - move all structs to their appropriate header files
        - move modular configuration in to *Config.h files
          (discussion on exactly what the modules are)

And the long term end...

* Auto-doc the API for modules decided above

* Move files into appropriate sub-dirs based on modules


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