On Mon, 8 Nov 2004, Bob Spaulding wrote:

There's already a coordinated effort to bring a
similar streetcar from Uptown along the Midtown
Greenway in Minneapolis (just north of Lake), and one
thought is this could connect with that line, possibly
via the 26th Street railroad bridge over the

That's all great! Personally, I'd use that bridge for a higher speed commuter rail, and run the streetcar along Lake through to Selby all the way -- connecting to the high speed line whenever reasonable. But the idea is the same, and it's all worth talking about. It's a very cheap alternative, comapred to what we normally talk about.

This effort is being promoted by different people than
the West 7th busway, under different circumstances.
This is being described from the outset as a "Civic
Dialogue".  I think there's a real attempt to get a
neighborhood-level discussion going before going

To me, this is the key to success. The neighbors are the likely riders of such a system, and it's got to be about their needs. The other group that could benefit, Lake St Bizes, needs to be heard from as well as to what they need. How this fits into St Paul at Merriam park is also critical, and I think we have exactly the same issues.

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