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This seems to me to be an issue where a lot of leadership is needed. Ramsey County has done their best, frankly, but they don't have enough ears on the ground to come up with something that won't enrage someone. The City hasn't really been all that interested, IMHO, outside of a few of Kelly's pet projects.

Is this the kind of issue where District Councils might find a way to get together, and flex some muscle in a united way? If there was the backing of key District Councils, and representation from them, perhaps a citizen's board could get together and put together if not a complete plan, at least the neighborhood guidelines for what constitutes successful transit.

I'm talking about something that includes all of the possible methods of mass transit, and where people want them to be and don't want them. What would be supported where, and so on.

With a small amount of effort gathering data, some of this could be cobbled into an actual plan that includes realistic ridership details, etc.

Anyone up for it?  There's a chance I'll have a lot more time in January!

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