Thanks Alex Sir,
                        Your response to email is very much appreciated.
Sorry for the late reply.

I love to mention that I have used sugarizer for many days and I also know
that its UI has been designed with the vision that it's gonna be used by
childrens. My point is that sugarizer was developed back in 2013 and the
internet revolution at the time was very less in comparison to 2023. The UI
and Ux terms were not that considerable at that time and everyone didn't
had access to the mobile phones and internet, But as of now in 2023 the
childrens from 1 or even less than that start using technical devices and
the UX is what first thing that they interact with like games and other
applications.So the UI of sugarizer is not matching with the need of
today's generation which reduces the user interest (research) to use the
platform. So my point is we can work to enhance its UI to meet today's need
and increase the interaction time of the users of our product.

Considering my skills, I'm a second year engineering student and a self
learner, I have done multiple projects on AI based applications and
developed 2 websites as of now. To authenticate my words hereby i have
listed all my projects in my github account and link of my github account

Considering what part of the product and UI can be modified to give new
user experience, I have done research and explained it in the given pdf you
can view it thoroughly.
Here is the link :-
Click me to open !!

Your suggestions on changeable topics(UI) will be highly appreciated !!
Thank You..

On Sat, Mar 11, 2023 at 12:18 AM Alex Perez <> wrote:

> Anuj,
> I appreciate your enthusiasm, and welcome. Before any UI re-design would
> be considered, we would require detailed written analysis of what the goals
> are for such a re-design, what's "wrong" with the current design, and what
> your qualifications are for making what are largely subjective changes.
> While everyone has opinions on UI design, engineers are often infamous for
> designing awful user interfaces. Please share with us what sorts
> qualifications you possess that would qualify you to make UI design changes
> to Sugar/Sugarizer.
> Have you ever used Sugar for more than a few hours, or a day? If so, which
> elements do you feel should be changed? If you have not used Sugar
> extensively, I would argue that you likely lack sufficient experience to
> propose such changes.
> The Sugar/Sugarizer UI was primarily designed for children of a specific
> age range. Almost all design decisions stem from that basic premise. Have
> you considered this?
> Regards,
> Alex Perez
> MR. OPTIMIST wrote on 3/10/23 10:24 AM:
> Hello everyone !
>                  I am Anuj Verma from Maharashtra, India majoring in
> computer science and engineering.  I have worked in multiple projects and
> web applications including AI projects.
> I have checked the sugarizer, it's pretty good but I believe it's UI can
> be improved. Like we
> can add links to words as well as icons, we can improve icons as well
> which is less user friendly(in my opinion).I have experience of working
> with many projects but have not worked on open source yet. I'm writing to
> seek further comments and be open to constructive feedback and criticism.
> Your response to this mail will be highly appreciated.
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