> * Once there are 2+ similar s6 images.
>   * May be worth to consult Docker Inc employees about official / base
> image builds on the hub.

Here is an example of why we might benefit from seeking help from Docker Inc:

* Multiple FROM images (multiple inheritance).

There should already be an open ticket for this feature (which does
not exist in Docker). And it seems relevant to our situation.

Or they could make a feature called "flavours" as a way to "tweak"
base images. Then that would save us some unnecessary duplication of

For example:

FROM: ubuntu

People could instead do:

FROM: alpine

Where FLAVOR: s6 is just a separate auks layer (added ontop of the
base) at the time the image is build. So s6 is just the s6-part, kept
independent and separated out from the various base images.

Then we would only need to worry about maintaining an 's6' flavour,
which is self-contained. Bringing everything it needs with it - it's
own 'execline' and other needed s6 support tools. So not depending
upon anything that may or may-not be in the base image (including busy

Such help from Docker Inc would save us having to maintain many
individual copies of various base images. So we should tell them about
it, and let them know that!

The missing capability of multiple FROM: base images (which I believe
is how is described in current open ticket(s) on docker/docker) is
essentially exactly the same idea as this FLAVOR keyword I have used
above ^^. They are interchangeable concepts. I've just called it
something else for the sake of being awkward / whatever.

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