On Fri, Feb 27, 2015 at 1:10 PM, Dreamcat4 <dreamc...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> * Once there are 2+ similar s6 images.
>>   * May be worth to consult Docker Inc employees about official / base
>> image builds on the hub.
> Here is an example of why we might benefit from seeking help from Docker Inc:
> * Multiple FROM images (multiple inheritance).
> There should already be an open ticket for this feature (which does
> not exist in Docker). And it seems relevant to our situation.
> Or they could make a feature called "flavours" as a way to "tweak"
> base images. Then that would save us some unnecessary duplication of
> work.
> For example:
> FROM: ubuntu
> People could instead do:
> FROM: alpine

Oh wait a minute: I'm being a little retarded. We can already use ADD
for achieving that sort of thing. Just instead the entry would point
to a github URL to get a single tarball from. Gorka is sort-of already
doing this… just with 2 separate ones, without his /init included
within, which is copied from a local directory etc.

> Where FLAVOR: s6 is just a separate auks layer (added ontop of the
> base) at the time the image is build. So s6 is just the s6-part, kept
> independent and separated out from the various base images.
> Then we would only need to worry about maintaining an 's6' flavour,
> which is self-contained. Bringing everything it needs with it - it's
> own 'execline' and other needed s6 support tools. So not depending
> upon anything that may or may-not be in the base image (including busy
> box).
> Such help from Docker Inc would save us having to maintain many
> individual copies of various base images. So we should tell them about
> it, and let them know that!
> The missing capability of multiple FROM: base images (which I believe
> is how is described in current open ticket(s) on docker/docker) is
> essentially exactly the same idea as this FLAVOR keyword I have used
> above ^^. They are interchangeable concepts. I've just called it
> something else for the sake of being awkward / whatever.

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