> John, I agree with all of your points (and reservations) here in last message.
> And in retrospect, sorry for being a bit argumentative over that
> entrypoint aspect of our discussion. You know, more people tend to
> agree with your way of doing things than mine. But both approaches
> have their own sets of pros + cons. I hope you can see that choosing
> either one is actually a trade, and it just depends on which specific
> aspects someone deems to be more important than there other ones.
> Another thing I didn't say during that discussion, but was irking me
> was that the point you were making was not actually a consideration
> that was specific to s6 in Docker... Because you can effectively make
> exactly that same argument in general and replace Gorka's '/init' with
> just any interpreter such as 'python' 'ruby' or whatever… Meaning it
> may be important to you and a valid point. But isn't so much of a
> consideration that is specific to s6 alone. So I didn't see why it
> should really matter as much in our discussion as these other things.
> However I can totally understand the point you were making there (it
> is a valid one), and where you were coming from. Again, apologies
> about that.

Hey man, no need to apologize about anything! We're a couple of people
with strong opinions, that's all :)

Like I said in the other email, these opinions I have are based on
real-world, "if this service is broken lives are at risk" (no joke)
experience. I just want to try instill lessons I've learned about what
makes a good image good.


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