Jonathan de Boyne Pollard:

The |service-manager| manual page from version 1.37 or later of the nosh toolset contains a full breakdown of the control/status API in a |supervise/| directory, including the daemontools-encore extensions and the nosh service-manager's own extensions. I am hoping to get version 1.37 released within the next week. In the meantime, I have pushed the new manual page to the on-line copy of the /nosh Guide/ <>. You can find the HTML-form manual page for |service-manager| hyperlinked from several pages in the /Guide/, including the _new Interfaces_ page.

Charlie Brady:

Do you know whether anyone has documented how to build on a non-Debian linux? An rpm spec file would be ideal, but just simple non-Debian centric build instructions would be better than nothing.

Yes. I have. The slashpackage-style build instructions, which are of course /not/ Debian-specific nor even /Linux-/specific, are actually right there on the source package WWW page.

The only thing that is Debian-specific is the step that gets one from a /built/ slashpackage-style package to Debian binary packages. This is in the supplied |package/debian/rules| command. But even that is not actually Debian-specific, as there is a similar |package/bsd/rules| command that does the same thing on the BSDs.

Thomas Caravia constructed the Archnosh PKGBUILD the same way. It does the slashpackage-style build, then takes the built slashpackage-style package and parcels it out into a set of Arch binary packages, with a light dusting of patches to a handful of service bundles. It even mostly re-uses the Debian maintenance scripts.

(On that note, Thomas: You may enjoy the start that I have made in 1.37 to a _Packages and Ports_ chapter in the /nosh Guide/. Yes, I currenly plan for the |.p|/|.func| system to get at least a short mention.)

I was only expecting you to read the manual for doco on the common control/status API that you were interested in, not build the software. (-:

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