Thanks Jonathan.

Do you know whether anyone has documented how to build on a non-Debian 
linux? An rpm spec file would be ideal, but just simple non-Debian centric 
build instructions would be better than nothing.

On Sun, 14 Jan 2018, Jonathan de Boyne Pollard wrote:

> Charlie Brady:
> > There is a certain level of compatibility between daemontools and runit, and
> > I presume the same exists for s6. The devil is in the detils.
> >
> The |service-manager| manual page from version 1.37 or later of the nosh
> toolset contains  a full breakdown of the control/status API in a 
> |supervise/| directory, including the daemontools-encore extensions and 
> the nosh service-manager's own extensions.  I am hoping to get version 1.37
> released within the next week.  In the meantime, I have pushed the new manual
> page to the on-line copy of the /nosh Guide/
> <>.  You can find the HTML-form manual page
> for |service-manager| hyperlinked from several pages in the /Guide/, including
> the _new Interfaces_ page.

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