Jan Braun:

2) runit has manpages. s6 has HTML. :(

Daniel J. Bernstein had something to say on that subject, two decades ago. See the "Notes" section of http://cr.yp.to/slashdoc.html .

I generate both manual pages and HTML from a common DocBook XML master in the nosh toolset. And the DocBook XML is itself readable directly with a WWW browser. http://jdebp.uk./Softwares/nosh/guide/commands/setuidgid-fromenv.xml is a copy of one such DocBook XML master, for example. It's on the WWW, and the packages also install it locally, for off-line reading.

M. Pape did some of the manual pages for some operating system's versions of daemontools, converting M. Bernstein's HTML pages into roff. For djbwares I converted everything into DocBook XML, and the same holds for djbwares as for the nosh toolset. There is a DocBook XML master that one can view in a WWW browser directly (both on-line and off-line), generated HTML pages, and generated manual pages readable with man. http://jdebp.uk./Softwares/djbwares/guide/commands/setuidgid.xml is a copy of one such DocBook XML master, for example. This is the source for the "man setuidgid" manual and the source for http://jdebp.uk./Softwares/djbwares/guide/setuidgid.html .

I even filled in the manual pages that M. Pape hadn't done and that M. Bernstein hadn't originally written in HTML, and updated some of the doco. See http://jdebp.uk./Softwares/djbwares/guide/commands/caldate_easter.xml and http://jdebp.uk./Softwares/djbwares/guide/commands/dnscache.xml for examples of that.

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