On 12/04, Jonathan de Boyne Pollard wrote:
> Jan Braun:
> > 2) runit has manpages. s6 has HTML. :(
> > 
> Daniel J. Bernstein had something to say on that subject, two decades ago.
> See the "Notes" section of http://cr.yp.to/slashdoc.html .
> I generate both manual pages and HTML from a common DocBook XML master in
> the nosh toolset.  And the DocBook XML is itself readable directly with a
> WWW browser.
> http://jdebp.uk./Softwares/nosh/guide/commands/setuidgid-fromenv.xml is a
> copy of one such DocBook XML master, for example.  It's on the WWW, and the
> packages also install it locally, for off-line reading.

I still like having man pages.  It's often just easier to type "man
<name>" than to find the local (or remote) HTML document and open it in
a web browser.

However, I agree that it's very nice to have HTML as well.  So, I like
to have both!  It seems good to generate them from a single source
format.  I would like DocBook except that the toolchain seems *so*
heavy.  And if you want to generate PDFs, it's even heavier.

What about mandoc?


It seems pretty lightweight, and from an mdoc source, it can generate
ASCII, HTML, man, PDF, and PostScript.


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