On 12/04, Laurent Bercot wrote:
> > What about mandoc?
> The colour of this bikeshed is not up for debate.
> If you want man pages for skaware, provide me with:
> 1. a reasonable source format (e.g. not roff, so mandoc is right out)
> 2. a tool that can be built using *only* a C compiler (so as to keep
> bootstrapping skaware easy), that converts the source format into man
> pages *and* into HTML
> 3. the actual contents of the man pages you want, in that source format.
> (https://git.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/scdoc fits 1. and 2., but its author wasn't
> motivated enough to do 3.)
Interesting, I hadn't heard of scdoc before.  I don't see where it says
it can convert the source format into HTML, though.  Did I miss that?

> Until then, any further discussion of documentation formats is pure
> noise, I've heard it all before - several times - and it has the potential
> to piss me off VERY quickly.

Certainly don't want to cause trouble, and not intending to bikeshed,
but I searched for "halibut" in the archive for this list as well as the
skaware list and did not find that it had been mentioned, so I'll just
mention that another system I've used in the past is Halibut which is
lightweight and written in ANSI C:


It can generate ASCII, HTML, PDF, PostScript, man, and info.  So, I
think it would satisfy #1 and #2, but certainly not #3.  Still, if
someone wanted to do the work to provide #3 at some point, then Halibut
may be a reasonable tool to consider.


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