What about mandoc?

The colour of this bikeshed is not up for debate.

If you want man pages for skaware, provide me with:
1. a reasonable source format (e.g. not roff, so mandoc is right out)
2. a tool that can be built using *only* a C compiler (so as to keep
bootstrapping skaware easy), that converts the source format into man
pages *and* into HTML
3. the actual contents of the man pages you want, in that source format.

(https://git.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/scdoc fits 1. and 2., but its author wasn't
motivated enough to do 3.)

Until then, any further discussion of documentation formats is pure
noise, I've heard it all before - several times - and it has the potential
to piss me off VERY quickly.


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