In my computer usage, I usually need about 5 minutes to gracefully exit
all my programs before powering down the computer, and I have a 40
minute UPS. If this is done at all, I'd suggest a configurable amount
of time, with a visible countdown, telling the user to get his or her
affairs in order, and also a way to cancel the shutdown.

The only reason I see to have the computer automatically power down
when signaled by the UPS is that I might not be home, but in that case
waiting 5 minutes wouldn't matter.

By the way, how would this be handled on a laptop, whose core usage
includes unplugged usage? Maybe by monitoring when the battery gets too


Steve Litt 
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On Fri, 14 Feb 2020 15:29:49 +0300
innerspacepilot <> wrote:

> I would suggest it should be a graceful shutdown ( stopping all
> daemons, syncing filesystems and stuff )
> On 14.02.2020 13:46, Jeff wrote:
> > 12.02.2020, 22:54, "Colin Booth" <>:  
> >> I wasn't trying to be hostile, apologies if it came across that
> >> way. As far as I know SIGPWR is a Linux-specific signal so
> >> services that are aiming for portability will either need to have
> >> special handling for that in the linux case or need to ignore it.
> >> Ergo, runit (and all other POSIX-compliant inits) currently have
> >> no special handling around SIGPWR as they don't understand what it
> >> is.  
> > what should SIGPWR mean to a Linux init ?
> > i would suggest: halt and power down the system ASAP.
> >  

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