Am 02.12.19 um 22:58 schrieb Laurent Bercot:
>> I see something called sdnotify-wrapper, so maybe I should have a look
>> at that?  (It was mentioned to me off-list.)
> sdnotify-wrapper will only be useful if your daemon is using the
> NOTIFY_SOCKET mechanism (aka sd_notify()) to tell systemd when it is
> ready. If it's the case, then yes, you can use sdnotify-wrapper in your
> s6 run script and it should automatically do the right thing.


I was the one who told Lewis about sdnotify-wrapper and it seems I got
it completely wrong: I had thought it was a wrapper for daemons that use
the s6 notification mechanism to make them compatible with the systemd
convention. Your description above suggests it does the exact opposite.


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