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ST wrote:

I uninstalled Acrobat and installed Foxit reader. It works fine as a separate program to view PDF files, but there is a problem if I click
on a pdf file from a Seamonkey window.

It starts to download, but then freezes. A popup will come up with a 'Server Busy' heading. The message says: The application cannot be completed because [file name] (application/pdf object) Seamonkey program is not responding.

Then there are two boxes below that can be clicked. One says Switch [which when clicked does nothing] and the other says Retry. If Retry is clicked, it goes away for a few seconds then the original popup comes back. There is a Cancel button also, but that is grayed out. I can't close the program after that without using the task manager. The task manager shows Foxit as being loaded, but if I kill that program I'm still frozen and have to kill Seamonkey also.

I tried adding Foxit to the helper applications but that did nothing.

Suggestions would be appreciated?



I forgot to add that Foxit load PDF files fine within IE.


is this happening on all sites with PDFs or just one or two? If a couple, then post links

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