MalcolmO wrote:
My wife has been using Mozilla 1.7.13 (on Mac OSX Panther) for quite
some time. I'm am keen to move her to SeaMonkey (with Moz being as long
in the tooth as it is and not being updated). She is loathe to switch to
something new but I presume that using SeaMonkey would be not that
different from what she's used to with Mozilla.

HOWEVER, I would need to easily migrate her Inbox and numerous
subfolders, bookmarks, etc., etc. WITHOUT a million headaches.

There is no mention of this on the web pages (that I've
seen) and I consider newsgroups to be a better resource generally.

So... has anybody made this transition on OSX and is it fairly simple to
accomplish? It would be SO nice if the installation asked "Want to use
the Moz data?" but I don't expect that, considering the TBird used to be
oh-so-ready to import Outlook Express data but not TBird data!

Thanks for replies!

Malcolm, as Peter said, it should just be a case of installing SeaMonkey (or dock it or whatever you Mac people do!!) and it should just pick up your moz profile, straight out of the box.

The current version, I think, is version 1.1.13, although there is a new version (1.1.14) due out in the next week or so, or, if you wait a little bit longer you might try installing version 2.0, which is a re-write of ver 1.x but maintains the same look as Moz Suite.

As I understand it, SM 1.1.13 or 14 will just pick up her current profile and run with it. SM 2 will copy the profile and change it to suit, leaving the old profile untouched.

You might/will have to update any extensions she has installed.


(using his sister's computer)
(Test driving SM 2.x)
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