Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
Ray K wrote:
Bill Davidsen wrote:
Just drops dead on trying to look at his latest cartoon for the French.

Week-old SM 2.0a3 was able to open the same page just fine.

Tested under Fedora FC9 and FC10, using the version from Mozilla download, not the Fedora package (which has other issues with font sizes).

I just visited the link with no problems. Scrolling worked properly, and when I click a link and then Back, the scrolling bar returned to its previous position. (See my post of 8:29am 12/19/08.) And none of the problems I described in today's 8:49am post occurred, either.

Maybe your problem has something to do with some of your Preferences settings. I have no idea which might be involved.

I'm using W2K, SP4, and about 70 hotfixes.


he's using SM2 while you're on SM1

Uh, Peter, read what has been written.

The original poster says he has a problem on 1.1.14  and NOT on 2.0a.3
So the problem occurs (according to the OP) on the 1x version, NOT the 2x version.
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