On 12/19/08 22:48, Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
> Moz Champion (Dan) wrote:
>> Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
>>> Ray K wrote:
>>>> Bill Davidsen wrote:
>>>>> Just drops dead on http://cagle.com/news/BLOG trying to look at his 
>>>>> latest cartoon for the French.
>>>>> Week-old SM 2.0a3 was able to open the same page just fine.
>>>>> Tested under Fedora FC9 and FC10, using the version from Mozilla 
>>>>> download, not the Fedora package (which has other issues with font 
>>>>> sizes).
>>>> I just visited the link with no problems. Scrolling worked properly, 
>>>> and when I click a link and then Back, the scrolling bar returned to 
>>>> its previous position. (See my post of 8:29am 12/19/08.) And none of 
>>>> the problems I described in today's 8:49am post occurred, either.
>>>> Maybe your problem has something to do with some of your Preferences 
>>>> settings. I have no idea which might be involved.
>>>> I'm using W2K, SP4, and about 70 hotfixes.
>>>> Ray
>>> he's using SM2 while you're on SM1
>> Uh, Peter, read what has been written.
>> The original poster says he has a problem on 1.1.14  and NOT on 2.0a.3
>> So the problem occurs (according to the OP) on the 1x version, NOT the 
>> 2x version.
> sorry to say, but the OP put 1.1.4 within the subject 
> line and not within the body of the message.  I was 
> reading the body, not the subject.  Without reading the 
> subject line, I interpreted it as with this line:
> "Week-old SM 2.0a3 was able to open the same page just 
> fine"
> Therefore, my conclusion was is worked in an older 
> version of 2.0a3 but not in a current version of it.
> Therefore, it was the OPs fault for not stating that 
> within the body of the message instead of doing it 
> within the subject line.  Not everyone reads subject 
> lines [or the title line]

I think it's just you...
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