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My guess is that the issues you may be experiencing are due to the
dialup. It's quite possible to lose bits on a dialup link, especially if
you are on a noisy link and have a slow processor w/limited memory. Were
I you, I'd look into getting DSL & given you are already on AT&T, check
out to see if you can get a basic
connection at the lowest rate/cost. Makes a huge difference + you can
use your phone while on line.

I think Mr Gault for testing, and I guess you could be right about the dial-up being part of his issue. But the original problem was replicated on two machines, and two DSL connections, a 768/768 static IP business line and a 3.5Mbit/768 home line.

I just think that badness in the page should not cause badness in the browser. Since 2.0a3 never showed the issue I think that strongly suggested the issue will be fixed.

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