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Bill Davidsen wrote:
Just drops dead on trying to look at his latest cartoon for the French.

Week-old SM 2.0a3 was able to open the same page just fine.

Tested under Fedora FC9 and FC10, using the version from Mozilla download, not the Fedora package (which has other issues with font sizes).

Are you referring to the image "The Archetypal American"? If so it works OK on my system, 1.1.14 browser in WinXP SP2 Home. The image is cut off at the knees but if saved, looks the save in any graphics program.

I would not say it displays ok with knees cut-off. I have the whole picture with 1.1.13

For what it's worth, today the entire cartoon including feet was displayed without any changes to Seamonkey or my system. At the same time, the image was cut off losing the lower half of the shoes with Internet Explorer.

If there is a problem here, it does not seem to be a browser problem but a site problem. I.E. believes the gif is 333x400 and 44844 bytes while Seamonkey has the same 333x400 but has a size of 52151 bytes. A fresh Reload of this page in Seamonkey displayed the same cut off image seen in I.E. but now Seamonkey believes the image has 46311 bytes.

I'm on dial-up and this page takes very long to load. It looks to me that there is no problem with Seamonkey or I.E. for that matter but with the site and time sharing on the many different urls. The source for the gif is
a different page from the main source
When I enter the url of the gif, it loads perfectly.

If there were a bug in Seamonkey, I'd expect the original url to load the same wrong way each time, not change at random. As I.E. behaves as Seamonkey in this regard, that supports a site problem.
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