On 12/23/2008 4:28 PM, JD wrote:
> Using Seamonkey 1.1.14 and PrefBar 4.1.2., when I try to disable Flash 
> by removing the check mark I get the following error:
> Failed to disable/enable flash plugin. Maybe you are running a flash 
> movie in your browser, and so the plugin is locked, or you just don’t 
> have write permission to the directory 
> C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash\npswf32.dll
> As far as I can tell, there is no flash movie running in the browser 
> (about:blank) and I don't know why I wouldn't have write permission to 
> the directory since Flash does work.
> Any ideas?

I depend very much on PrefBar and recommend everyone use it.  However,
its handling of Flash -- disabling and enabling Flash by diddling with
the Flash plugin -- always seems problematical.

I use FlashBlock from <http://flashblock.mozdev.org/>.  I also created a
PrefBar checkbox to enable and disable FlashBlock.  I know that Manuel
Reimer (PrefBar developer) is not happy with this, but I recommend it as
much superior over the capability inherent solely in PrefBar.

David E. Ross

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