This is a two-parter, but first: I am presently stuck using Mozilla 1.7.13.

1) Will seamonkey run under XP SP1? I am presently stuck at that level,
as an upgrade attempt to go to SP2 rendered my computer unbootable.
Luckily, I ignored the advice of some computer techs that were helping
us for free from across the country as an act of good will (actually, good techs), and insisted on cloning the drive to another one ”just in case,"
as I remembered something about my machine not being totally compatible
without special proceedures. It was good insurance. I don't know how to
fix that particular problem myself, and don't have the money to pay for
the expertise of those who do know.

2) Before I let seamonkey grab and modify any profiles, I need to try to
fix some problems with the main one that I use now.
I lost a couple of hundred emails contained in a few dozen folders.
You click on the main folder that is supposed to contain those
subfolders, and Mozilla basically gets lost in a "black hole." In
otherwords, CPU useage goes to 100%, then literally nothing happens, and
you have to shut down the program, then get it restarted to get it
working again. This is repeatable. No subfolders are ever displayed.
The actual folders' layout on the hard drive bear NO resemblance to the
folder structure shown under Mozilla's display.

I no longer have any idea what the folder structure of the affected
branches is supposed to be. I don't know how Mozilla stores the logical
folder structure.

Searching manually is going to be a huge job, as there are close to 1800
logical folders with around 13 gigs of emails.

I would be supremely useful if there were an automated tool that could
help straighten this mess out.

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