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I no longer have any idea what the folder structure of the affected
branches is supposed to be. I don't know how Mozilla stores the logical
folder structure.

FYI. The  logical folder structure for Mozilla (SeaMonkey) email
folders is:
The email folders for a particular profile and mail site are
stored in the directory pointed at by the 'Local directory'
entry on the panel reached by
Edit > Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings > "mail site" >
That directory will contain various types of files and subdirectories.
The most relevant of these will be:
 - Those with names of the email folders  e.g. abc or Inbox,
   which hold the messages in the folder concatenated, and
   in a special format.
 - Their corresponding descriptors  abc.msf,   Inbox.msf
 - If 'abc' is not just a simple email folder, but has subfolders,
   then there will be a subdirectory/subfolder  named abc.sbd
   The subdirectory abc.sbd will be structures like the main
   directory. i.e. subfolder file e.g. xyz, its' descriptor
   xyz.msf, and if any xyz under abc has further subfolders
   then xyz.sbd  et.c

I hope that this helps you in exploring your saved email files.
Remember you don't have to do it all at once.  You can clean up
your folders a few at a time. i.e. delete their .msf files,
then start SM and click on those folders to have SM rebuild the
.msf files, then compress the individual folders (select folder,
then right click will present a choice to compress the folder)
Just make sure to keep backups of the mail directory as you
proceed. But you seem to be a careful fellow anyway.

Also since the extraneous sent is a subfolder of Local folder sent
there will now be a subdirectory  sent.sbd whose contents are files
named sent and sent.msf
Let's, for clarity, change the name of the subfolder to  xyz!
If xyz is a subfolder of abc in Local-folders then we will have
the structure
Local-folders containing files abc, abc.msf and subdirectory abc.sbd.
subdirectory abc.sbd will contain files xyz and xyz.msf
And so on, if there is any further structure.
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