Michael Gordon wrote:
Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo replied On 1/4/2009 11:28 AM

Michael Gordon wrote:
W. Watson replied On 1/4/2009 6:35 AM

>if so, then yes. Separate them, and name them to anything you want, as >long as its done through the bookmark manager.

Michael Gordon wrote:
> If you are asking to create four "Bookmark Files" as in "bookmarks.html" > then the answer is no. SeaMonkey only uses one type of Bookmark file it
 > cannot locate and use an alternate filename for bookmarks.

sorry, but you're wrong on that account.  You can have
as many bookmark files are you want: such as
business.html, porn.html, food.html. But, SM can only
open one at a time.

He never says how this is done. There is no Save under File.
You are correct, there is no way in Bookmark Manager to create and save a new Bookmark File.

sorry, you're wrong on that account.
Peter, please re-read my comment above.
I cannot find a way in Bookmark Manager to create a new bookmark file and then save it.

I already told you how to do it.  Follow the instructions:


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