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Michael Gordon <mgord...@cableone.net> wrote:

> Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo replied On 1/4/2009 11:28 AM
> >> You have to open SeaMonkey Composer and select create a new web
> >> page. Save the new web page with the name of the bookmark file you
> >> want, such as; Business Bookmarks and the file name as
> >> Bookmarks.html.  You will have to save it to a place on your HD
> >> where you will remember where it is located.
> > 
> > editting the file like this can screw things up badly. 
> > I've done it that way and never will again.
> But the Bookmark.HTML file is nothing but a HTML file with internal 
> hyper links.

Despite the .html extension, bookmarks.html isn't any kind of  standard
html file. (I think its format goes back to before there really were
standards for html.)  Using a tool like Composer to edit it could cause
a lot of trouble, because Composer would try to turn it into valid (or
more valid, at least) html.

But you were only using Composer to create a blank file, which should
work ok.  You could just as easily create a new, empty text file and
name it bookmarks.html, without using Composer.

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