Michael Gordon wrote:
W. Watson replied On 1/4/2009 6:35 AM

>if so, then yes. Separate them, and name them to anything you want, as >long as its done through the bookmark manager.

Michael Gordon wrote:
> If you are asking to create four "Bookmark Files" as in "bookmarks.html" > then the answer is no. SeaMonkey only uses one type of Bookmark file it
 > cannot locate and use an alternate filename for bookmarks.

sorry, but you're wrong on that account.  You can have
as many bookmark files are you want: such as
business.html, porn.html, food.html. But, SM can only
open one at a time.

He never says how this is done. There is no Save under File.

You are correct, there is no way in Bookmark Manager to create and save a new Bookmark File.

sorry, you're wrong on that account.

You have to open SeaMonkey Composer and select create a new web page. Save the new web page with the name of the bookmark file you want, such as; Business Bookmarks and the file name as Bookmarks.html. You will have to save it to a place on your HD where you will remember where it is located.

editting the file like this can screw things up badly. I've done it that way and never will again.

Close SeaMonkey and reopen it, then with Bookmark Manager Open Bookmarks File and navigate to where you saved the new file. It will be empty, but ready for you to add new bookmarks.


Doing this is a lot of work, but it can be done. Backup your main bookmark file. Then edit the one you currently have and remove everything except the bookmarks you want.

Now, make another copy of the main bookmark file, and open that. Go back to the previous edited bookmark file and rename it to whatever you want.

Now, edit the current bookmark file you have for the next set of bookmarks you want to save into that file.

Now, repeat the process until you have what you want.

As I said, this can take along time, and make sure you backup your main bookmark file, otherwise, there's no way to get it back. And there are variations on what you can do to make the other files.

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