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Just received an email from a company I had valid reasons to believe was professionally related to my activity.

SM 1.1.13 thought it was spam but given the above, I ignore the warning and clicked on a link included in the email (Checked the domain before, was valid). Then, SM told me the site was suspicious and asked me if I still wanted to open the link.

At that point, I became really suspicious and answered No. I then decided to check further that company from another source of info and I found mention that this company was alleged to have been unfair in its dealings. But this does not necessarily mean it operates an unsafe site ...

I then went back to SM (which I had not closed) and was surprised the email was nowhere to be found and I mean *nowhere*; I used a professional indexing program to verify that.

It appears this email went AWOL. No big loss for me, but I wonder what may have happened.

Of course, one should not click on suspicious links ... but this is no the point. I took reasonable precautions before I did. The point is, how can an email disappear without trace, while SM is running?

Thanks for any suggestion.

Check in the account settings for you particular account under "disk space" to see if the box "Delete read messages" is checked. Could be that when you left SM mail it deleted that "read message". Just a shot, who knows ..

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