Jay Garcia wrote:
Thanks for any suggestion.

Forgot one ...

Also may want to check:

Edit => Preferences => Mail/Newsgroups => Message Display => "Automatically Mark messages as read" and the two selections below it.

Just a hunch that the message was immediately marked as read and then deleted. Did you check in the Trash??


Candidly, I did look in Trash and did not see it. My indexing program either ... until I checked its settings and the trash folder was excluded. So, at the end, I found the missing email and cannot really explain why I did not see it at first.

I checked the settings you mention and in 1.1.3, I do not have a setting for "automatically mark messages as read". You are getting worried about my eye sight ... Thought I had 20/20 ...

How did this email end up in the Trash, I do not know; for sure, I did not send it there ... purposefully!


John Doue
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