On Thu, 15 Jan 2009 12:45:08 +0200, John Doue wrote: 

> It appears this email went AWOL. No big loss for me, but I wonder
> what may have happened. 
> Of course, one should not click on suspicious links ... but this is
> no the point. I took reasonable precautions before I did. The
> point is, how can an email disappear without trace, while SM is
> running?

I've had the same thing happen albeit in Mozilla.  I haven't noticed
it in SeaMonkey but that's not to say it isn't happening. 

It would decide a mail was spam and move it to the Trash folder as
per the instructions for when *I* marked a mail as spam.  After a few
moments, it would be auto deleted from the trash.  I had to be quick
in spotting a mail being marked and moved and opening the Trash
folder, unmarking the mail (if it was genuine) before it disappeared.
I have actually watched mail vanish from the trash with no action by

If it was auto deleted, I did have the opportunity of going into
webview to see what the mail was about.
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