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> Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
>> Frog wrote:
>>> Is there a place on the Internet where I can access a document 
>>> describing the steps (1, 2, 3, 4 etc.) for establishing and setting up 
>>> newsgroups on SeaMonkey.  I have looked for two days for such a 
>>> document (written at the elementary level user) without success.  
>>> Also, are the setup procedures the same for both SeaMonkey and 
>>> Thunderbird? 
>> click on Edit, Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings, then on the bottom 
>> left is a button that says "Add Account." Click that, and follow the 
>> instructions.  For example:
>> Your Name: put in the name you want others to see you as
>> Email Address: put in the address you want to use
>> Newsgroup Server: news.mozilla.org
>> and that should be it.  The program will do the rest itself.
>> As for SM and TB: yes, its the same in TB as in SM
>>>  How does one find a list of the many newsgroups available on the 
>>> Internet?
>> find a news server you want, add the account, when its added click on 
>> File, Subscribe and this will give you a list of groups currently on 
>> that server.
> Thanks for helping me.  I need one more piece of guidance having to do 
> with news servers.  You say to find a news server you want and add the 
> account.  Okay, for example purposes, let me say I am looking for an 
> account having to do with Western Digital Hard Drives.  Are you saying 
> that I would do a Google search for Western Digital News Servers or is 
> there someplace where one can access/select from a complete list of 
> newsgroups?  I do note that if I click File>Subscribe while in this 
> newsgroup I am able to see a listing of Mozilla groups.  How was this 
> and other newsgroups found in the first place.
> Sorry for such a beginner question, but the bottom line is I don't know 
> how to find the news server I would like to access.
> Frog

The "news.mozilla.org" news server is a news server which carries Mozilla-
specific news groups. For example, "mozilla.support.seamonkey" is a news

For your example above, you're looking for a "news group" which deals with
hard drives, not a news server. What you want to find is a news server which
carries news groups that interest you.

"news.mozilla.org" is a rather special case, in that it is a "server" with
a very specialized set of news groups (all Mozilla related). Other news
servers will generally carry a more generic set of news groups.

As far as finding a news server, I suggest you start with your ISP. They
probably have a news server which you can use as part of your membership.
It may or may not carry "all" the news groups available, but probably
carries most. Your ISP will give you the information you need to create the
news group account in SeaMonkey (or Firefox, etc.).

Once you have created the account, just use the Subscribe dialog to locate
the news groups you would like to see. Note that you can type partial
names in the search window, and it will show all matching news groups. You
then just subscribe to the ones you want to see.

Does that clear it up?
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