Thank you Mark Hansen and Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo for the information you sent my way. Needless to say, I will be busy working my way through both messages over the next couple of days. My ISP carries only a very limited list (consisting of nine categories) of newsgroups for their customers. In fact, I called my ISP since my last message and they recommended that I go on line to get this type of information---paying for the service. The paying part is something that becomes a stumbling point for many of us retired people. That is why the information included in your (Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo) message seems to give me some hope of accessing this information. I may be back with additional questions later.

Thanks again for your help.


Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
Frog wrote:

Thanks for helping me. I need one more piece of guidance having to do with news servers. You say to find a news server you want and add the account. Okay, for example purposes, let me say I am looking for an account having to do with Western Digital Hard Drives. Are you saying that I would do a Google search for Western Digital News Servers or is there someplace where one can access/select from a complete list of newsgroups?

here is a list of specialized news servers: . It may or may not contain what you want. For example, if you look on there, there is one for opera. Well, thats for the Opera browser. Then, there's one for IBM. Thats for IBM software. There's also one for Microsoft, and well, I'm sure you know what that is. Thats right, any and everything related to MS products. In otherwords, those servers are specifically for certain things.

If you look in the next group, there is a listing of FREE public usenet servers that you may access. Some require passwords, and some don't. These servers will carry just about the same groups that googlegroups will carry -- This is the place where you'll find out about what groups they carry, and what groups will be on usenet servers. They don't carry binary groups. Those are gruops that have pictures, movies, audios, software, etc. You'll have to hunt around for those, or pay for the service.

Some people won't use google groups, instead they'd rather use a usenet server and access the groups that way.

I do note that if I click File>Subscribe while in this newsgroup I am able to see a listing of Mozilla groups.

thats right.  These groups are for Mozilla products.

 How was this and other newsgroups found in the first place.

visit their website. For mozilla, you would have gone to Then you'd look around in there for support or for community. This would have lead you to certain pages that had info about newsgroups, forums, and other places to get help.

Also, if you click on Help in just about any program, that too might give a listing of where to get support. In SM case, you click on Help, Help Contents, and if you scrolled down the list, then you'd see Peer Support, and see something about User Newsgroups.

Another way, is to visit the SeaMonkey website. Or click on that thing that looks like a Blue Bird in the upper right hand corner. At the site, you'd see something about Community and Support. Always look for something where you can find help or support for the product you're using.

Sorry for such a beginner question, but the bottom line is I don't know how to find the news server I would like to access.

well, thats what we're here for. I don't think Western Digital Hard Drives will have their own news server, and I doubt there will be anything on google or usenet. Therefore, you'll have to think generic, such as looking for a group on hard drives.

There is also another way to access help, and thats by web forums. They are different from usenet servers, as everything is done on the web. Some people like this method and others, like me, hate them. And Western Digital does have one:, but it seems to be unavailable at the moment.

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