On 01/26/2009 11:33 AM, Norvin wrote:
> Bush wrote:
>> Norvin wrote:
>>> Using SM .14 and just recently started getting the messages:
>>> "The RETR command did not succeed. Error retrieving a message.
>>> Mail server pop.att.yahoo.com responded: problem retrieving message."
>>> I am still able to send emails, send/receive on newsgroups, just not
>>> receive emails.
>>> I checked the internet side of SM and my emails are at my homepage is
>>> look at, so that tells me that SM is retrieving email from the server.
>>> SM is just not transferring email to the mail/newsgroup side of SM.
>>> Not sure if I have explain this well enough, but any help would be
>>> great.
>> Did you do the Server changes att has warning you about for over a Year Now
>> pop.att.yahoo.com      Port 995       ssl
>> =========================
>> smtp.att.yahoo.com   port   465    ssl     Check use Name amd password
>>                                          Then fill in your e-mail address
>> =======================================
> Oh Yea, some time ago. In fact, when talking to 2nd level of ATT
> they had me try some other settings to no avail. All my mail is setting
> on my ATT home page but SM is unable to retrieve it.

Check to make sure that your complete username is set in Server settings
- example: membe...@prodigy.net

and that Security settings are checked for SSL only  (no 'Use secure

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