On 01/26/09 12:59, Norvin wrote:
> Norvin wrote:
>> Using SM .14 and just recently started getting the messages:
>> "The RETR command did not succeed. Error retrieving a message.
>> Mail server pop.att.yahoo.com responded: problem retrieving message."
>> I am still able to send emails, send/receive on newsgroups, just not
>> receive emails.
>> I checked the internet side of SM and my emails are at my homepage is
>> look at, so that tells me that SM is retrieving email from the server.
>> SM is just not transferring email to the mail/newsgroup side of SM.
>> Not sure if I have explain this well enough, but any help would be
>> great.
> To update everyone of interest, my problem has been corrected. First 
> off, thanks for all suggestions/tips. I ended going to the following 
> site that I had used some years ago:
> 'forums.mozillazine.org'
> It was a good choice since Dan was able to suggest some things and
> one of them was a fix.
> To restate the problem, I was unable to receive emails using SM. Sun(AM) 
> was OK and PM was a no go. Turns out a friend had sent me several emails
> which one/all of them contain a bad header. I delete the emails and 
> everything is running normal again. No server problem, No SM problem and
> No operator error. Thanks to all

The fact that you were unable to get your e-mail just because of a bad
header in one of the e-mail messages sure sounds like a problem to me -
either in the server or SeaMonkey (I don't know which).
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