Norvin wrote:
Using SM .14 and just recently started getting the messages:

"The RETR command did not succeed. Error retrieving a message.
Mail server responded: problem retrieving message."

I am still able to send emails, send/receive on newsgroups, just not
receive emails.

I checked the internet side of SM and my emails are at my homepage is
look at, so that tells me that SM is retrieving email from the server.
SM is just not transferring email to the mail/newsgroup side of SM.
Not sure if I have explain this well enough, but any help would be
To update everyone of interest, my problem has been corrected. First off, thanks for all suggestions/tips. I ended going to the following site that I had used some years ago:
It was a good choice since Dan was able to suggest some things and
one of them was a fix.
To restate the problem, I was unable to receive emails using SM. Sun(AM) was OK and PM was a no go. Turns out a friend had sent me several emails which one/all of them contain a bad header. I delete the emails and everything is running normal again. No server problem, No SM problem and
No operator error. Thanks to all
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