Chris Ilias wrote:
On 1/27/09 7:35 PM, _Daniel_ spoke thusly:
Moz Champion (Dan) wrote:

I was replying to Peter, its the same on Mac as it is on windows.

Sorry, am I mis-reading what you typed??

Peter stated that on Windows it was Edit, Mail and Newsgroup account settings and you said it's the same on a Mac .... Tools, Account settings.

*Edit* (i.e. not under "Tools") v *Tools* (i.e. not under "Edit") .... sure look different to me!

He's probably mistaking this thread for Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo's equivalent thread in the Thunderbird group. As far as I know, it's in the Edit menu on Mac. I don't know if has changed for SM2.

Oh!! O.K., thanks for that, Chris!

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