Jens Hatlak wrote:
flyguy wrote:
My browser is set so "favicons" show in the personal tool bar and in the bookmarks on the side bar. This works properly on all the web sites I visit except this one.


For this site, the icon in the bookmark side bar expands horizontally the entire width of the bookmark side bar, about 2 inches. It does have the correct height. It completely covers up the text for the bookmark. It does show properly on the page tab, the address bar, and on the Personal toolbar.

Now that you mention it... It's clearly a SeaMonkey bug, one that I already saw with the ACID3 test page <>. The problem is that in both cases the icon loaded doesn't have the usual size of a favicon and SeaMonkey fails to limit it to 16x16 pixels in the Bookmarks sidebar (in contrast to the location bar):

<> (obviously sent with wrong content type, save it to disk and view it from there!) is 255x222 pixels, <> is 150x150 pixels.

-> filed Bug 476740 (with a bit of luck it might even be fixed for SM2a3).



Is a valid test page? It has many many errors when checked with the Seamonkey Error Console
(Tools/Web Development/Error Console)
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