Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo replied On 2/4/2009 12:48 AM

Michael Gordon wrote:
Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo replied On 2/3/2009 10:19 AM

flyguy wrote:
My browser is set so "favicons" show in the personal tool bar and in the bookmarks on the side bar. This works properly on all the web sites I visit except this one.


For this site, the icon in the bookmark side bar expands horizontally the entire width of the bookmark side bar, about 2 inches. It does have the correct height. It completely covers up the text for the bookmark. It does show properly on the page tab, the address bar, and on the Personal toolbar.

The icon displays properly in the IE 7 Favorites sidebar (the star on the left side of the tab bar).

How can I get this to display properly?
it seems to work OK in Firefox 3, but not SM 1.1.x.

It is caused by the person who placed the favicon icon in the page, the sixe is 255px x 222px in stead of 16px x 16px.


thats all fine and dandy, but it doesn't explain why it displays correctly in FF3, but not in SM?

Because there has been a bug in SM since it was released, it has always had a problem resizing favicons to 16 pixels.

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