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SM 1.1.12 on MandrivaLinux 2007.0 on Dial-up

Yesterday, I was checking out one of my UseNet server groups, decided I needed to make a 'phone call, so hung up my Internet connection.

Moments later, I decided that I needed to reply to the message that I was reading (forgetting that I was off-line) so clicked "Reply".

The screen opened with the header info (group name and thread name) and even showed whom I was replying to, but did not quote any of the thread to which I was responding.

Why?? I'm guessing that this means that SM was supposed to go to the world, re-download the message and re-format if for my reply, but WHY??

I've already downloaded the message, so why cannot SM just go to the Cache to get the info, why does it have to re-download the message??

Do other News readers also show this behavior??


you're not viewing the message on your computer. You've viewing it on the server. Therefore, when you go offline, the message isn't there on your computer, because you haven't downloaded anything.

Is it the same for thunderbird?

SeaMonkey is about the same as a Firefox and Thunderbird combo.

Peter, when I look at a web-site, I'm not really looking at the web-site, the various bits and pieces are downloaded, from a web-server somewhere, onto my computer (cache) and then it is displayed for me.

I would have thought that the messages in a newsgroup were downloaded from the server, via cache, for me to view it in the first instant. When I'm viewing a message, I don't have a permanent connection to the message as it is stored on the server, the info comes from the server, into my computer RAM, cache, etc., so why should I have to re-connect to the server and re-download the message, when it's still in my computer, somewhere??


as I said, its because the messages are stored "on the server". You're viewing them "on the server." Email/News do not have a cache. If you want them to be on your computer, then you must download them first. Look under Offline & Disk Space under the account settings. Its at the very, very top of that window is what you want.

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