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I have a newsgroup where some of the forums will still show that
the message has not been read or set with Ctrl/Shft/C no matter


What newsgroups?

The newsgroup is Codegear. (
Also if I keep clicking on the Plus sign of a msg thread, it keeps
adding the same msg header below the main thread. I got the feeling
that there is a problem with the newsgroup.


I don't find a newsgroup called "codegear" at all.

the only heirarchy I can get access to is

          and there is no group with 'codegear' in it

Just subscribe to 'embarcadero.public.delphi.non-technical'. That is the one that I have most of the trouble. There is a thread subject 'Help Me' dated for today that would not clear as being read. From that thread until now has been trouble. Plus every time I open that group it wants me to re-download.


I have no problems with that group, or thread.

Tell you what. Dump the entire news server entry (delete it*). Then turn Thunderbird off and delete all the entries in the News folder (in the profile) for that server - .msf .dat whatever has the '' name, delete it.

Then create a new news account for and subscribe to the group.

*highlight the account press <Delete>

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