Andrea wrote:
Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
Andrea wrote:
This is strange. I'm using Outlook Express as a newsreader with
Windows XP, SP3. I wanted to see if there were any recent posts in
this newsgroup, but they don't appear. When I search (Find Message)
using the subject header from one of the threads, new posts appear
in the Find Message window. When I close it, the posts are on my
hard drive. This isn't happening with my other newsgroups, including
moz general. Does anyone know why this group isn't refreshing? (I
realize it may be an OE problem, but it's just happening in this
newsgroup.) I'll probably have to use the Find Message window again
to see if there are responses to this, or if my post even appears .
. .
it probably is an OE problem, so its better to ask
 You'll get more help there than you can here.

When I try to download new messages I get a 480 authentication request error. Does this newsgroup now require a password? If so, how do I find out what it is?
This is what i have found .... a bad postionning of an option in OE:
Go to Tools; Accounts; News tab; and
double-click your news account. Look on the Server tab. If your
news-server requires you to log on, tick that box, and fill in details.
If your news-server does *not* require log on (probably not, is it's
your ISP's), then make sure the box is *not* checked.
That's OE: try one thing, then try the opposite.
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