Ray_Net wrote:
> Andrea wrote:
>> Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
>>> Andrea wrote:
>>>> This is strange. I'm using Outlook Express as a newsreader with
>>>> Windows XP, SP3. I wanted to see if there were any recent posts in
>>>> this newsgroup, but they don't appear. When I search (Find Message)
>>>> using the subject header from one of the threads, new posts appear
>>>> in the Find Message window. When I close it, the posts are on my
>>>> hard drive. This isn't happening with my other newsgroups,
>>>> including moz general. Does anyone know why this group isn't
>>>> refreshing? (I realize it may be an OE problem, but it's just
>>>> happening in this newsgroup.) I'll probably have to use the Find
>>>> Message window again to see if there are responses to this, or if
>>>> my post even appears . . .
>>> it probably is an OE problem, so its better to ask
>>> them:
>>> http://www.microsoft.com/communities/newsgroups/default.mspx.
>>>  You'll get more help there than you can here.
>> When I try to download new messages I get a 480 authentication
>> request error. Does this newsgroup now require a password? If so,
>> how do I find out what it is?
> This is what i have found .... a bad postionning of an option in OE:
> Go to Tools; Accounts; News tab; and
> double-click your news account. Look on the Server tab. If your
> news-server requires you to log on, tick that box, and fill in
> details. If your news-server does *not* require log on (probably not,
> is it's your ISP's), then make sure the box is *not* checked.

Apparently in a few newsgroups the View menu to show all messages had gotten 
changed, so hopefully the problem is resolved. 

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