Philip Chee wrote:
> On Sun, 15 Feb 2009 13:54:02 -0500, Andrea wrote:
>> I'm using SM 1.1.14 and have been using Flashblock 1.3.8. I've been
>> having problems with it--not seeing the usual marker where flash
>> would go, so I decided to uninstall it and then reinstall it. I
>> installed the Mnenhy extension and then deleted Flashblock from the
>> Chrome Manager. When I reopened SM, Flashblock was gone, but each
>> time I try to install either
>> 1.3.8 or 1.3.9, I get a failed message that says that there's a
>> registry entry -239. I'm not adding a newer version because there
>> seem to be bugs when using with SM. Any advice?
> For your installation problem try this set of instructions:
> 1. Disable (or uninstall) Mnenhy.
> 2. Shut down SeaMonkey.
> 3. Locate your SeaMonkey profile directory. This should contain a
> "chrome" subdirectory. This chrome directory should contain a
> "overlayinfo" subdirectory. Delete the "overlayinfo" directory and
> everything inside it.
> 4. Restart SeaMonkey and attempt to install Flashblock 1.3.8.
> For your first problem. This might be cause by another extension
> interfering with Flashblock. Try creating a new SeaMonkey profile and
> installing only Flashblock. And you should try our latest version
> 1.3.11.
> <>
> Phil

It says here to use 1.3.9. Maybe it needs to be updated?

Before I could install a different version of flashblock, I had to uninstall 
it. Having an extension that can't be easily uninstalled is really not a 
good idea! It took many tries to finally get rid of Mnenhy completely, which 
for me caused more problems than it resolved, and then I still had to 
uninstall flashblock. I didn't want to mess around with a new install of 
Mnenhy, so I opted for the double dose of the extension manager and the 
extension uninstaller API, which worked pretty well, although I still had to 
remove references of flashblock in other files to get my personal toolbar to 
look normal. Then In installed flashblock version 1.3.11, and everything 
seems to be fine for now. Thanks for your help.

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