On 02/18/09 12:44, HeavyDuty wrote:
> Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
>> the one on the right is a flash player and it doesn't run until you 
>> click on it.  The other one, on the left, is a wmp player and its that 
>> one that starts right away.
>> What happens in a test profile?
> Thanks Peter,
> What happens, happens pretty fast. I do appreciate your 
> help. If you have figured this out, and so I can deal with 
> this in the future, were you saying in your previous post to 
> hit F11 as soon as I see the opening web page to stop the 
> WMP version from starting? That might be helpful if I ever 
> visit this site again (not likely) but not if I stubble on 
> another web site that does the same thing without my 
> anticipation or and without warning.
> Beyond this specific example, once a video starts, as this 
> one does, how to stop it without shutting down? Losing 
> control over the computer is my principal concern.
> No. I have not created a test profile yet. I am hoping 
> someone knows how to defeat an "attacking" video.

I think it's possible the problem you're seeing is the result
of a problem in your profile. This is why the request to try
the page in a test profile.

For example, when I browse to that page, I don't see the same
problem you're seeing. The page seems to work correctly.

If you try it in a test profile and don't have the problem,
then you can starting looking at what in your profile may
be causing the problem.

> Thanks for your help.
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