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I also received a new computer under Vista. After the migration of the profiles and of the mails, Seamonkey opens correctly, but it is so slow that it is absolutely unusable (e.g. few minutes to move a mail from a directory to another). Do you have some clues explaining and solving the problem? Moreover, I am not able to send any mails (SMTP error) in spite of the fact the configuration is exactly the same as on the previous XP computer.

You will probably find that port 25 is blocked by the Vista firewall.

I've kept well away from Vista ... we are just trying to get it off a Sony laptop at the moment. Customer gave it 3 months but has had enough :)

It's a bit hard for me to understand all the whining over Vista! I have used it since June last year and have never had a single problem with it! For protection I added only AVG as an addition to Vistas firewall and Windows Defender that was preinstalled.

No problem installing SeaMonkey, just recently upgraded to 1.1.14 as easy as ever before. Could there be any difference which edition is used? I have the business edition.

The first problem with vista on laptops is that you HAVE to switch of the bulk of the 'bling' ( aero interface ) to get any sensible battery life. If you switch that OFF that then why even load vista?

Most business suppliers (in the UK) ship laptops COMPLETE with an XP downgrade disk so that it can be made compatible with the corporate network again. Assessment of power consumption shows that vista needs 30 to 40% more power to do the same job as an existing XP machine. A lot of power at a time when we are drying to reduce power consumption. Vista will not even install on the low power computers that are now being used as desk top machines as part of the power usage assesment.

The main problem with vista however is the 'learning curve' when one has used windows 'classic' for years. Try and talk a customer through problems on the phone when you do not even know what they are looking at. This is why MANY large sites here are still on W2k, the COST of upgrading all of the support structure even to XP is an expense that simply can't be justified :(

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