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Ray_Net wrote:
Could some one explain what happen when we clink on the link initiating the action -> news://news.scarlet.be/scarlet.be.general?list-ids ?
Is it an action asked for the news server giving an updated list to SM ?

sorry I can't click on that cause I'm not part of the scarlet server, so I don't exactly know what you're asking.

So, are you asking about the messages you see about Removing Expired Articles? If so, then that is a message from the server. Some servers only keep messages for "x" number of days. After that time, they are removed from the server, and when we try to view those previously viewed postings, we get those messages.

Normally, on my newsserver "news.scarlet.be" ... i got expired articles.
When i click on the furnished link, let's say:
news://news.scarlet.be/alt.rec.humor?list-ids ?
the list is re-newed and the expired articles are removed and SM shows only "current" articles. Therefore we cannot "try to view those previously viewed postings" because they have dissappeared - This is, in my point of view, a normal situation.

But for a specific group "scarlet.be.general" when i click on the link:
news://news.scarlet.be/scarlet.be.general?list-ids ?
the list is *not* re-newed and the expired articles are *not* removed and SM shows the same list of articles as shown before the click.

My question is:
The click on the link provided is managed by SM *only* or by *both* (SM and the newsserver) ?

If it is by both ... i will deduce that my problem came from the newssever of my ISP.

the list of which postings you viewed and which ones you haven't is kept by SM. The removal is kept by the server. When you remove, the server is updating the list for SM.

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