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Rostyslaw Lewyckyj wrote:
O.k. Let me pose the problem in a different way :-)
How does the action and result of news://server/newsgroup?list-ids
differ from the action of deleting newsgroup.msf and then selecting
newsgroup from/on the newsgroup pane?
Which files on the news reading client are affected by each of the

when you remove the .msf file, then you're basically starting all over. You've sort of removed the list

When you do a list-ids you update the list
So how does the end result differ? _In_detail_  :-)

"list-ids" removes headers you have stored in your MSF file, that are no longer on the server. The result is that expired/removed messages are no longer in the list of newsgroup messages. Anything else is kept in tact.

Removing the MSF removes all headers you have stored, including their flags, tags, watch status, except for read/unread status.
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