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In Password Manager, if you have more than one entry
for a site, can you delete all but one?  There are
some sites I have 3 and 4 entries listed.

and your question is what?

My question is can I remove the extra Password Manager entries for the same site and just leave one site listed in Password Manager or does Password Manager use more than one entry for some reason?


you can remove whatever you want to remove

I got this reply from Bill Davidson. "I would be afraid that they are not really duplicates, but you can't see the difference. That is museum artifact code you have there."

I don't know what that means, but it makes me afraid to delete the duplicate entries. Can I do harm? Please explain.



If you want to see your passwords better, then I've attached something that works great. Just save it to your hard drive, then use the Browser, and click on File, Open File, find the file, and open it from there. It will give you a list of all your passwords. A lot better than the current password manager, imo though!

The Password Manager works just perfectly in my opinion, at least for me! No need for lists and manually adding the passwords anywhere. ;)

well, as you said, thats your opinion. For others, it works great!

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