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In Password Manager, if you have more than one entry
for a site, can you delete all but one?  There are
some sites I have 3 and 4 entries listed.

and your question is what?

My question is can I remove the extra Password Manager entries for the same site and just leave one site listed in Password Manager or does Password Manager use more than one entry for some reason?


you can remove whatever you want to remove

I got this reply from Bill Davidson. "I would be afraid that they are not really duplicates, but you can't see the difference. That is museum artifact code you have there."

I don't know what that means, but it makes me afraid to delete the duplicate entries. Can I do harm? Please explain.


take a look at each entry and make sure they're not duplicates. If they're dups, then delete them. If they're not dups, and each one is different, then don't delete them. For example, you may log into hotmail.com, but the server may be live.2.com or live.3.com or something similar.

As for "museum artifact code" he's talking about the password manager it self. The code is ancient and belongs in a museum.

If you want to see your passwords better, then I've attached something that works great. Just save it to your hard drive, then use the Browser, and click on File, Open File, find the file, and open it from there. It will give you a list of all your passwords. A lot better than the current password manager, imo though!



Produced by /display_moz_passwords.html/ (by "ernie" - Andrew Poth - Ed Mullen)

*Host*     *User name*     *Password*

The program you attached works great. Here are some entries (without passwords) that I have. Can I delete all but one of each of them?

https://www.comcast.com wa0...@arrl.net https://www.comcast.com wa0...@arrl.net https://www.paypal.com 1 https://www.paypal.com wa0...@arrl.net https://www.paypal.com 1 https://www.paypal.com 1 https://www.paypal.com 1

This is where I don't know what's safe to delete.

Thanks for you program.


I think there may be some confusion here. The list of passwords only holds
passwords which you used (as some time) to log into a page which was
protected by login/password. If you delete the saved entry for a particular
page such that the browser no longer has a saved login/password for it,
you will be prompted again (and will again be able to have the browser
save it).

So ... you can delete them all if you like. You will just be asked to re-enter
them the next time you go to one of those protected pages.

As far as the duplicates go, if two entries have the same Site, User Name
and Password, then I believe the duplicates are not used. They shouldn't
even be there, but I've see duplicates even on (reasonably) current versions
of SeaMonkey.

Best Regards,

I believe that I have deleted a few duplicates that I have found in my passwords, only to have one or two return. I just, thought no more of it and left them alone.

The only time I bother to delete duplicate entries is when the "log on" dialog box offers me duplicate username selections. When I check, I usually find one of the username/password entries is incorrect.
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