On 03/01/09 20:10, Michael Gordon wrote:
> Henry replied On 3/1/2009 11:26 AM
>> In Password Manager, if you have more than one entry for a site, can 
>> you delete all but one?  There are some sites for which I have 3 and 4 
>> entries listed.
>> I'm running Mozilla on a Win XP Pro machine.I know my Mozilla 
>> is old, but I'm happy with it, and truthfully afraid to change because 
>> I'm one of those people that when I change something everything goes 
>> to pot.
>> Thank you.
>> Henry
> Henry,
> You should be able to open Password Manager and find the list of 
> duplicates, from there highlight one and look at teh bottom of the PW 
> Manager to view the passwords.

I'm running SeaMonkey 1.1.13 on both Linux and Windows, and I can't
see the passwords unless I click on the "Show Passwords" button; then
it shows the passwords for all entries. I don't see any password at
the bottom of the dialog for the currently selected entry.


>                                From there you can select the current
> correct login and password and delete all the rest.
> To delete a password entry highlight the entry then click the remove 
> button, but not the remove all button.
> Michael
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